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Toronto Traffic Lawyers

We provide expert legal advice in Traffic Law

Traffic offences are a complex area of law.

A traffic offence can incur demerit points, the disqualification of your licence, a criminal conviction, a fine and in some cases a term of imprisonment.

You need to get expert legal advice from an experienced traffic lawyer who deals with traffic law on a regular basis in Toronto Local Court. Lamont Lawyers are located in Toronto and we know the local court system and have extensive experience with its magistrates.

All of our lawyers attend court on a daily basis. We know what to say and we know what not to say to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

We understand that being disqualified or suspended from having a driving license can be devastating for you and your family.

Getting expert legal advice at an early stage is important to getting the best possible outcome : minimising time off the road and avoiding a criminal record.

Our team of traffic lawyers provide expert and affordable legal representation. We keep you fully informed at all times in relation to the progress of your matter.

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Speak to one of our team of Toronto traffic lawyers. We will comprehensively discuss your matter and ensure that you are expertly represented in court. We will provide you with a fixed price to suit your needs.

What Clients Say:

“Alex Angel-Graham was wonderful. He was very friendly and easy to speak to. He explained everything clearly and not in jargon. I would recommend him to anyone that needed his services.”

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