Drug Possession – No Conviction

Our client was a 32 year old who was working in the financial sector. He was walking with his wife and friends through Kings Cross and he was detected by sniffer dogs.

He was charged with possession of a prohibited drug, being .6 grams of Cocaine. Our client admitted to being in possession of the prohibited drug.

Our client travelled frequently overseas for work and for holiday. A criminal conviction would have been disastrous for his work and future career prospects.

Our client pleaded guilty. We made submissions on his behalf in the Local Court.  In court, we persuaded the magistrate to give our client a ‘section 10 good behaviour bond’, which meant that our client did not receive a criminal record.

This meant that our client did not lose his job, he could travel overseas without difficulty, nor would his being charged jeopardize his long-term career prospects.

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